Global Business Development

Global Business Development

Global business development

Our Global Business Development Team is an expert at pairing incoming executives and families with the perfect home that suits their needs. With over 70 years of combined experience, we are fluent in New York City's northern suburbs and have successfully introduced thousands of clients to our communities.

  • Elizabeth Nunan
  • Vice President, Global Business Development
  • 914.273.2800 Ext. 10267
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  • Delihla Rivera CRP
  • Director, Corporate Relocation
  • 914.273.2800 Ext. 10261
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  • Kerri Rodriguez
  • Relocation Coordinator, Incoming Referrals
  • 914.273.2800 Ext. 10264
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  • Linda Bonaventura
  • Global/Outgoing Referral Coordinator
  • 914.273.2800 Ext. 10262
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About Us

Who we are and who we know are key to our success. Representing over $475 Million in annual sales, our seasoned team provides a level of knowledge and service that is unsurpassed. Our clients and industry colleagues agree. We've consistently ranked #1 for global transactions priced at $1 Million and higher.

In addition, our strong connections with corporations, relocation management companies and real estate brokers around the world ensure a strong channel of clients moving to and from our area. Whether you are moving from Shanghai to Scarsdale or Larchmont to London, we can help you feel at home virtually anywhere in the world.

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