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Thinking of Selling? Musts Before Listing Your Home

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I know, I know. We still have plenty of winter days left. But spring is coming, and it will be here before you know it! Just look at that green grass!

The spring housing market is starting to heat up, and we want you to be ready if you’re thinking about listing your home this year. Here are a few favorite tips to get you spring-ready that pack a punch without breaking the bank or bonus—buyers take notice!

1. Paint is like liquid gold.


Those nicks along your baseboards or the outdated paint in the bedrooms can be noticed in one pass. A fresh coat of paint screams new, clean, and well-maintained. Greys are still in, but white is taking the lead. There are so many options now that you can easily wipe down any fingerprints or smudges, so don’t be afraid of whites. We love Benjamin Moore Simply White.

2. New towels and linens.


How easy is that? Make sure each bathroom has plush, well-folded white towels on all towel bars or stacked neatly on a shelf. If any bed linens have stains, rips or wrinkles, head out and get a new coverlet. It’s money well-spent, and you can take it with you to your next house.

3. Caulking.


I know it sounds weird and you probably think that buyers don’t even look behind your shower curtain, but they do. As the picture proves, a good sparkle is everything.

4. Re-stain the floors.


This is if you have more room in the budget, or if your floors really show the blemishes. Floors with any red in them are a big no, so to be safe go for white or the bleached look or dark stains with no red.

5. Declutter those countertops and closets.


Pro-tip: take a picture of your kitchen or family room and notice all the “things” that collect on that lonely chair or side tables. Netflix has a great series out right now called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, a must-watch to help with decluttering your life.

6. New throw pillows


These speak for themselves.

7. Lastly, power wash!


Our favorite company is located in Port Chester, Crystal Window Cleaning.

And that’s all, folks! Pick your battles, but these are all great places to start to get your house in its best shape for the spring, whether you’re selling or not. And these will all spark joy once you are done.


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