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These Fabulous Fireplaces North of NYC Will Light Your Fire

As the nights grow cold, there’s no feeling more sought-after than sitting fireside. They say home is where the hearth is, and that’s no accident. In the years before forced hot-air, a home’s heat source was a natural gathering place, playing such myriad roles of radiator, social magnate and kitchen. Their prominence stoked the desire to make them beautiful, and that’s thankfully a tradition that continues today—even with our newfangled geothermal radiant floor coils.

Here are some of the most incredible examples from our current inventory:

BRONXVILLE | 7 Valley Road
Developed by our company and sold to the Sewall family in 1902, this William Bates-designed beauty boasts a soaring two-story gallery housed within its signature architectural feature: a Romanesque turret. Needless to say, the space couldn’t have been more welcoming for a fireplace built on a truly grand scale, which pairs with a semicircular row of stained glass windows to flood the space with the warmth of natural illumination. — See More

MILLBROOK | 127 Brush Hill
Our second two-story fireplace finds itself in a slightly different setting: A luxe log lodge deep on nearly 31 acres of rugged Hudson Valley hunt country. As if the stacked stone wasn’t dramatic enough, there’s two of them sharing a single chimney, with a second firebox in the upstairs loft facing to the opposite side, like a flaming Janus throwing heat in every direction. — See more

CHAPPAQUA | 11 Laurel Lane
Mid-century fire features are having their moment lately, from Brooklyn bruncheries to to high-fashion Catskills resorts. But you’d struggle to find a better example than inside Newmark House, designed in 1957 by Frank Lloyd Wright associate David Henken. There’s five fireplaces throughout the home, however the hands-down standout is this open hearth, set in front of mitered windows to give it an almost indoor-outdoor effect. — See more

ARMONK | 11 Hollow Ridge Road
Set atop a gated, winding drive, this Armonk retreat has just the right setting for cozying up by the fire. Luckily, you can do it in the true heart of the home: the kitchen. It’s as sleek and sophisticated as you’d expect in an open, free-flowing modern home. — See more

GREENWICH | 25 Richmond Hill Road
With Venetian plaster ceilings, hypoallergenic Sakuri walls and hand-smithed railings, attention to detail is found at just about every touchpoint of this custom residence. The great room fireplace is no exception, carved with old-world craftsmanship. — See more

RYE 65 Rye Road
Fine dining is even finer next to a fireplace, and hand-carved ornamentation makes this one quite a showstopper. As an added bonus, the home, set in Rye’s Greenhaven neighborhood, also sits within range of that ever-refreshing sea air. — See more 

NEW CANAAN | Tirranna
Who said cooking in your fireplace was a custom reserved for farmhouses? There’s more than one place to light a log in Frank Lloyd Wright’s final residential work, but the front fireplace is particularly unique on account of its swinging crane, a coveted showpiece of original Wright industrial design featuring the iterative spatial pattern that carries through from the home’s front gate. We could post up in that Eames lounge for hours. — See more

SCARSDALE | 30 Ogden Road
Eau de Crackling Logs seems almost omnipresent in the leafy lanes of Fox Meadow, where storybook Tudors sit tucked amidst babbling brooks and lush woodlands. Even so, this carved castle-esque fireplace exceeds all expectations, towering with beauty as the carved mantle narrows into the chimney breast.  —  See more

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